The No Agency Newsletter launched in May of 2022 when I was No Agency’s Design Intern. Founder and CEO Alex Tsebelis wanted to create a monthly publication for the agency’s friends and cult following that would be print-only and available in limited quantities. The Newsletter features artists, designers, writers, and thoughts from anyone and everyone relevant but most importantly niche or unhinged. The design inspiration for the Newsletter is Google Docs and printer paper, as determined as we constructed Issue 1. We have published a full year of issues ranging from 12 to 54 pages, and we partner with Cafe Forgot in the LES for online and in-store retail sales. Each issue lasts only a few days on shelves. The Newsletter knows no algorithm...unless you’re Alex or his wife and co-founder Chloe Mackey, you’ll never guess what (or who) will show up in our next issue.

The No Agency Newsletter archives are now available in our book.

Design, illustration, and layout by Eden Taff
Directed by Chloe Mackey and Alex Tsebelis
Edited by Chloe Mackey

InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, digital and analog illustration.

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Below: Packaging (Issue 8)

Below: Layout (excerpts)